Wilderness Safety Leader (Bear Guard)

Wilderness Safety Leader (Bear Guard)

This 5-day course is designed for those who are providing wildlife awareness, protection and defense to Alaska field workers. The training covers situational awareness, wildlife encounter guidelines, deterrent methods, basic firearm training and maintenance, as well as first responder medical training.

Prior Firearms Experience Required.

This 5-day program is designed for individuals interested in improving their Bear and Moose Awareness, and Hazing and Defensive weapon skills in order to attain a position as a certified Professional “Bear Guard.”

This program starts with the Bear Awareness and Defense program and continues with an emphasis on the industrial requirements to be responsible for the defense of other individuals. The program includes information on medical treatments for bear and firearm injuries, wound cleaning, ARC Basic First-aid certification, water purification, river crossings, emergency signaling, helicopter safety, and wilderness survival techniques.

Requirements for incident documentation and field guarding protocols are addressed. There is a second day of shooting which “qualifies” the student in their accuracy, positioning and decision making. Students must pass both classroom and field evaluations and the field survival training session for certification.

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