Certified Tower Climber and Rescuer

Certified Tower Climber and Rescuer


This 2-day program can be used for both initial and refresher training for utility, telecom and wind energy employees. This course meets ANSI/ASSP and OSHA Criteria for Accepted Practices in Safety, Health, and Environmental training and authorizes the worker as both a climber and work partner rescuer for industrial tower climbing.


The curriculum is designed to train workers in OSHA regulations and ANSI Standards and provide models for conducting tailgate safety meetings, job hazard assessments, equipment inspections, and emergency action plans. Students receive experience in climbing towers, fixed ladder systems, conducting work at height, the use of arrest lanyards, descending and positioning on ropes and basic rigging for fall protection. During the rescue training students will conduct vertical raises, lowering of patients and post suspension treatments.


This program is designed to meet requirements of ANSI Z359 instructional methods, federal and state requirements, and industrial training guidelines directed by NATE.

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