Fall Protection and Rescue

Fall Protection and Rescue

This 2-day program is conducted at our state of the art indoor fall protection facility. LTR instructs workers in multiple levels of fall protection and then tests student skills with industrial climbing scenarios. This includes ladder rescues, tower rescues, and vertical raises and lowering. Students graduate as competent climbers as well as having basic rescue skills, meeting OSHA standards.

The Tower Climbing and Rescue curriculum was developed by LTR Training Systems Inc., specifically for Alaska climbing conditions. This course meets ANSI/ASSE and OSHA Criteria for Accepted Practices in Safety, Health, and Environmental training and authorizes the worker as both a climber and buddy rescuer for tower climbing.

The program's overall objective is to instruct students in the safe procedures for tower climbing demonstrate new safety technologies and provide both education and extensive practice in climbing and employee based rescues.

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