Clint Homestead

Clint HomesteadAdjunct Instructor


About Clint:

Clint Homestead is an individual that brings both field experience and raw power to the LTR Training cadre. He specializes in developing training techniques for firearms programs that incorporate both military and civilian educational systems as well as consulting on personal protection programs. In addition, he provides education on emergency medical treatments for remote locations in the U.S. and abroad.


At 17 years old Clint Homestead was already a Wild Land Hotshot Fire Fighter, EMT-1, Ski Patroller, and Survival Instructor at LTR. During these years, Clint participated in advanced rock climbing competitions and extreme skiing activities. His intense Hotshot firefighting experience and time spent at LTR as an arctic survival instructor and an aviation water ditching instructor fueled his career and his interest in rescue and the armed forces.


This experience and interest fast tracked him into the military with 10th Group Special Forces, where he would spend the next five and a half years of his life deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan. His position as a weapons sergeant allowed him to control over $750,000 in firearms and sensitive items. In addition, Clint was tasked to train up to 100 foreign nationals in armed conflict skills at any given time.


During Clint’s time in the Special Operations world he developed into a well-rounded individual with many specialized skills. His specialty included being an instructor in Mountaineering Operations, High Altitude Mountain Warfare, and ability to teach and converse in French. Also, Clint was responsible for Embassy Protection in foreign countries and developing base defense plans. Clint’s time and experience in the military accelerated his ability to teach in high angle rope work and rescue operations in the civilian sector.


Clint Homestead currently provides support and instruction in a variety of LTR programs, and is a subject matter expert in firearms safety and employment. Clint is continually improving and researching the most up to date techniques on the industrial side of rope work. Part of Clint’s continued improvements include graduation from the coveted SPRAT School in March 2015 with the balance of the LTR Team.