Brian Horner

Brian HornerDirector, Founder
LTR Training Systems, Inc.

About Brian:

Brian Horner is a professional instructor specializing in rescue and survival training programs. He is a leader in the field of development of instructional programs designed specifically toward saving lives in emergencies. He is the founder and president of LTR Training Systems, Inc.

Horner founded LTR Training Systems, (Learn to Return), in 1986 after a successful 11 year career in the U.S. military as a specialized SERE Instructor. (Survival, Escape, Resistance, Evasion). He used this career as a stepping stone to high altitude climbing and to a position on the Denali National Park, High Altitude rescue patrol. What followed were numerous expeditions as both a medic and a rope safety professional. This included positions as a field safety specialist in Antarctica, Greenland, Peru, Russia, the Georgia Republic, China and Puerto Rico.

Brian’s specialty, is that he has “no specialty”. He is well versed and educated in all disciplines of safety and rescue training. As a NAUI Scuba instructor he started the original scuba programs at the University of Alaska. As a swift water rescue instructor he developed training to meet the needs of oil spill responders on the north slope of Alaska. And lastly, as a medical instructor he has spoken for the Wilderness Medical Society, The International Society for Mountain Medicine, FEMA, SOMA and is currently on the review committee for the State of Alaska Guidelines for Delayed Care Treatments.

Training and Certifications:

  • USAF Survival, Escape, and Evasion Specialist
  • US Army Assignment, Desert Survival Instructor 5th Group Special Forces
  • US Army Parachutist
  • National Park Service, Denali National Park, High Altitude Rescue Patrol
  • Assistant Mountain Guide Denali, Mountain Trip Expeditions
  • Member of Alaska Mountain Rescue Group
  • NASAR Wilderness EMT I- Instructor
  • Tactical LE Medic, H&K Firearms
  • Tactical LE Medic, Insight Training School
  • Alaska Hunters Education Instructor
  • Wilderness Medical Society, Conference Faculty
  • SOMA (Special Operations Medical Association) Conference Faculty
  • American Red Cross Instructor
  • NFPA Certified Professional Rescue Technician - Structural, Confined Space
  • NAUI Certified Scuba instructor: All Specialties
  • PADI Certified Master Scuba Diver, Dive Master
  • Dive Rescue Specialist, Dive Rescue International
  • ASAP-Helo/Dive Rescue Team, Kodiak, Alaska
  • MSTC, USL, Lifeboat Coxswain
  • Swiftwater Rescue Technician II Instructor
  • Certified Lifeguard
  • AMSEA Instructor (Alaska Marine Safety Education Association)
  • HUET Ratings: MSTC, SSI Halifax, RGIT
  • University of Alaska, Wilderness Studies Instructor
  • US DOI Aircraft Immersion/ Survival Instructor
  • NRA Instructor (National Rifle Association: Pistol)
  • NRA Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO)
  • Mt, Vaughan Antarctic Expedition, National Geographic Television, 1993
  • Mountain Guide, Discovery Channel, Chachapoyas, Peru 1997
  • US Customs Service/Drug Enforcement, Aviation Survival Instructor, US and Puerto Rico
  • Speaks passable Spanish and Russian
  • Greenland, 2013, NSP, "Frozen in Time Expedition" Field Safety Specialist
  • Bolzano Italy, 2014, X World Congress on High Altitude Medicine and Physiology, Presenter/Speaker
  • Emergency Trauma Technician
  • Miller Fall Protection Wind Tower Instructor
  • Petzl Competent Equipment Inspector
  • Capital Safety Competent Person / Competent Industrial Rescuer