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LTR Training Systems
5761 Silverado Way Unit Q
Anchorage Alaska 99518-634
AVLW Program:
The 2-day Aviation Land and Water program is currently the
industry standard for Alaskan workers who must fly for their
jobs. It is a recognized program by the FAA and it certifies
workers for a 2 year period for both land and over water flights.
This course also provides 16 hours of Alaska CME credits for
medical personnel as well as the American Red Cross basic first
aid rating.
HUET Program:
The 1-day Helicopter Underwater Egress program is
designed to prepare individuals for an over water
emergency ditching. This program consists of both
classroom and pool instruction and is accompanied with
8 hours of Alaska CME credits for medical personnel.
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Off-Shore Marine:
This 1-day program is designed to meet the industrial
requirement for safety and survival training for employees
assigned to off-shore work environments. The course
consists of classroom and practical training covering station
bills, fire systems, vessel abandonment, cold water
exposure, victim recovery, survival suits and specific USCG
life-support equipment.
Bear/Wildlife Awareness:
This 1-day program is designed for anyone who is interested
in improving their wildlife awareness, deterrent and defensive
skills. We cover specific threats and common deterrent
techniques and equipment. The afternoon is spent at the local
range detailing weapon safety and coaching students on
improving their shooting comfort and proficienc

Qualified Bear Guard
This three day course is designed for those who are providing
wildlife awareness, protection and defense to Alaskan field
workers. The training covers situational awareness, wildlife
encounter guidelines, deterrent methods, basic firearm training and
maintenance, as well as first responder medical training.
Prior Weapons Experience Required.
Remote/Delayed Care First Aid & CPR
This 9-hour program is designed for individuals and
organizations that need training on dealing with injuries where help may
be delayed and where medical equipment is limited. Wilderness
treatment guidelines are consolidated with the American Red Cross
First Aid programs. Students will participate in splinting, bandaging,
small wound cleaning and proper CPR techniques.
Qualified Tower Climber:
This 2-day program is conducted at our state of the art indoor fall
protection facility. LTR instructs workers in multiple levels of fall
protection and then tests student skills with industrial climbing
scenarios. This includes ladder rescues, tower rescues and vertical
raises and lowering. Students graduate as competent climbers as
well as having basic rescue skills, meeting OSHA standards
Fall Protection, Authorized User:
The 4-hour authorized user program is designed for workers who
require height safety awareness training along with the
familiarization with the specific on site engineered fall protection
systems. Students are familiarized with the criteria for issue,
equipment marking, inspection, record keeping, maintenance and
storage as well as removal from service.
Cold Weather Survival:
This 8-hour program is designed to provide information and
practical experience in the areas of journey management,
worker safety and emergency procedures for cold weather
areas. Workers are educated in proper arctic PPE, frostbite
and hypothermia prevention and typical emergency scenarios
that need to be considered. Students will conclude the course
with a comprehensive field training session.       

LTR offers the largest variety of life support programs in the U.S. and can bring many
of our programs to your locations. Programs are typically a minimum of 8 hours, and
advanced programs may entail multiple days and overnight sessions.
Students can expect quizzes and homework assignments during multi-day programs.
Many certification levels are available, and students can also receive both college and
continuing medical education credits for their participation.
Wilderness/Survival Medicine
This is the most experience in the shortest time that one
can get to prepare personnel for accidents in the
backcountry. This 16-hour program is designed to help you
deal with patients for days, not hours. American Red Cross
ratings are included under your LTR Wilderness Medicine
Aviation Land Crash Training This 1-day
program includes discussions and simulation
training on preflight preparation and
responsibilities before and directly after an
emergency landing. Training consists of journey
management, aviation/cold weather PPE, first-
aid skills, and of the mental and physical
requirements for survival. The field training
session has students practicing “post-crash”
survival skills.